Girl Rising Film Night

Girl Rising is a documentary film highlighting the stories of nine girls born into unforgiving circumstances in the developing world.  Its genesis is part of a global action campaign for girl’s education.  Click here for more information.

The film was shown at the UU Church of Davis and organized by four local 14-year old girls in the youth group, Kyra Labbe-Renault, Grace Range, Sarah Valdez-Chabot and Jaymelyn Hubert, who wanted to make a difference for young girls overseas.   Their efforts brought in over $1000 for MCF, earmarked for helping girl’s and young women’s education and boarding school housing in Myanmar.

Girl Rising Progam

Girl Rising Poster

News coverage:Davis girls take lead in helping girls around the world Davis Enterprise

Volunteers and organizers included:

Jean Adams; Kalen Adams; Carol Corbett; George Hubert; Craig Labbe-Renault; Nash Labbe-Renault; Joseph Morrison; Tristan Phillips; Kelly Range; Olivia Rios; Quinn Rivers; Casey Robb; Marisa Robb; Patrick Smith; NoaSolorio; Alex Solorio; Pat Schwar; Victor Valdes-Chabot; Austin Weaver; Marty West; Renee Zastrow; Jessica Chabot; Betsy Flynn, Jaymelyn Hubert; JiJi Hubert; Autumn Labbe-Renault; Brooke Mills; Hana Moscovitz; Tamara Range; Seph Stratton-Quirk; Natalia Tan; Ray Valdes; Ray Valdez, Rich Bradley, Rev. Beth Banks, Mandy Dawn Kuntz, Susan Steinbach, Jerry Paiz at the Style Lounge, Anne Ternus-Bellamy, Koen Van Rompay, Swe Swe Win, Leslie Anastassatos, Elaine Barrett, Carol Corbett, Virginia Thigpen, Anna Joy Thigpen Hunt, and others.

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