Myanmar Children’s Foundation (MCF) began assisting this school in southern Myanmar in 2008 just after the deluge of Cyclone Nargis.  Civic Society Initiative (CSI) members led by HtaikSeng partnered with MCF to construct a two story classroom building which was dedicated in 2009.  Max Harrington and members of CSI and representatives from the British Council were on hand for the ceremony.

Many Yangon area teachers commute to this school to teach, and MCF has supplemented their salaries over the years through its Teacher Corps Program.

Many children who reside at the boarding school here come from families who cannot afford to educate them. The two head nuns (DawNandar and DawWimala) at this school assume the responsibility of raising and educating these children, as part of the larger Buddhist community.  Several of the female students become novice nuns for a period of time while at the school.  This is seen as part of one’s religious and cultural education in Myanmar.

Zabu Oak Shaung is also one of the schools visited in the City-Country Exchange Program.   The Travel with a Purposegroup visited here to donate money and goods.

In 2013, MCF supplied grant moneyof $1500 to fund a pilot program called “One Step for Girls Vocational Training” administered by our partner, Metta Moe Myanmar, at this school site, which trained 20 high school pupils in using a sewing machine.  The money helped purchase sewing machines and pay for the instructor’s salary.  A 5-day personal training to empower the young participants’ confidence, self esteem, interpersonal and problem-solving skills was also conducted.

This school has expanded additional facilities through other donors, including latrines and wash areas, a library, a ceremonial space, and more classrooms.  Over 700 students are in attendance here.

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