Myanmar Children’s Foundation (MCF) partnered with Humanity Institute, Kachinland School of Arts of Sciences (KSAS) in Myitkyina, Kachin State to fund “Project Inclusive Education: Reaching Out to Children in Remote Areas of the Kachin State” in 2017. Twelve young Kachin leaders were selected to travel to Nogmung, Putao, Sumprabum, and Hkahku Mung in order to assess local community needs by meeting with young educationally disadvantaged pupils, as well as document the lifestyle, culture and plights of the locals. 

These 12 volunteer teachers developed a sense of empowering the smallest units of their society and contributed to educational and social equality, community development. They taught English language, basic social, political and environmental awareness, and life skills.  Well done, KSAS teachers!

MCF covered the cost of transportation and teaching materials, including 80 English textbooks and school supplies to remote pupils. MCF also covered the cost of the 12 trainees pre-trip educational preparation.  

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