Teacher Corps supports the salaries of teachers who work at rural Buddhist Monastic and Nunnery Schools, providing consistency in educational curriculum and articulation between grade levels.

MCF has been supporting teachers at several school sites since its inception in 2007. Parents of children at rural monastic schools do what they can to support teachers by donating a certain amount of rice each school year for their upkeep. The Sayalay or Sayadaw (Head Nun or Head Monk) distributes donor money when its available to teachers as well. When those conditions come up short, MCF steps in to underpin the livelihood of these valuable rural teachers. Without good teachers, the children will suffer.

We all can relate to a special teacher in our lives, one who opened our eyes to the larger world, who paved the way for new possibilities, who saw something special in us, or who simply and honorably taught us how to read and write. If you can read this, thank a teacher!

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