MCF has helped this partner in the Sagaing region build a water tank and latrines, expand their pre-school area and sleeping area for orphans.  In partnership with Andreas Moritz Light Foundation, we organized the construction of a new boys’ dormitory.  The children are facing illnesses including TB, influenza, dengue fever, anemia, etc.  They have also endured flooding during the monsoon season as their facility borders a drainage ditch that was insufficient to handle the water flow during peak season until we stepped in to help..  In 2021, they are experiencing great hardship with shortages of food and supplies, increased illnesses and disruption of normal routines due to civil unrest. COVID outbreaks are surging in their area.

Some of the children at Adonai with Director Kawl.

drainage ditch near orphanage-full!

orphan children housed at Adonai

Adonai family mentors with youth inside new boys’ dormitory

Adonai’s new boys’ dormitory sponsored in partnership with Andreas Moritz Light Foundation

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