Many young girls who reside at Zabu Oak Shaung Nunnery school  come from families who cannot afford to educate them. The two head nuns (Daw Nandar and Daw Wimala) assume the responsibility of raising and educating these children, as part of the larger Buddhist community.  In addition to passing the national exam in 11th grade, vocational training is envisioned as part of the larger pathway to adulthood and earning a livelihood.

During the academic summer break (March-June), Myanmar Children’s Foundation (MCF) supplied grant money of $1500 to fund a pilot program called “One Step for Girls Vocational Training” administered by our partner, Metta Moe Myanmar. Twenty high school pupils were trained in using a sewing machine. The grant money helped purchase sewing machines and pay for the instructor’s salary. A 5-day personal training to empower the young participants’ confidence, self esteem, interpersonal and problem-solving skills was also conducted.

sewing instructor with student

ZOS nuns with Sayalay Nandar

ZOS girls sewing

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